PBG was founded in 2001 by Cori Charters and Christine Petrocelli.

They are natural leaders.

Ask anyone who has worked with them; carriers, vendors, clients or employees, the sparky synergy between these two women is an incubator for a 98% client retention rate, double digit growth year over year, and 99.999% PBG employee happiness quotient.

PBG’s dynamic culture is palpable and it begins at the top.


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Progressive Benefit Group is not only an awesome Benefit Broker, they are our partner in taking care of our employees in so many ways. This is a united team of kind and smart people dedicated to providing great care in every way. From finding great benefit solutions, providing great support, facilitating fantastic training and being a blast to work with…….simply put…….they ROCK!

Cara Holbrook, PHR

Employee Engagement Manager, Bay Federal Credit Union


First and foremost, we at PBG are advocates for our clients, strategic partners with our carriers, and “idea leaders” for the industry.


At PBG, our staff and their passion for excellence is what really set us apart. We are a dynamic group of talented and highly skilled professionals that are considered experts in their respective fields. Be it negotiation, compliance, account management, communication, employee advocacy or training programs, the energy and dedication that we bring to the table not only helps our clients satisfy the needs of their employees but also protects and improves their bottom-line.


PBG is committed to helping our clients make key healthcare benefit choices that deliver real value to their employees while at the same time controlling costs. Our expertise and abilities allow us to leverage our carrier relationships, and expand the value delivered to our clients, and their employees.

SHRM Recertification Provider - 2018
Employee Benefit Consultant Award - 2015
HR Certification Institute - Approved - 2018


Our Privacy Statement

At PBG we are committed to complying with federal and state laws that protect the privacy of our clients. Please review our notice below outlining these practices.

Protecting Your Information
We recognize that your personal information is yours, not ours. We are committed to protecting your privacy and our policies and practices are designed to do just that. We never rent or sell your personal information to anyone.
Information We Collect or Retain About You
We collect personal, financial and health related information that is necessary for the processing of claims, for applying for insurance, for fulfilling legal and regulatory requirements, and for assisting clients with policy or administration questions. The type of information we collect and maintain varies according to the products or services we provide for you or your employer. We maintain pertinent personal identifying data (such as name, birth date, Social Security Number, and marital status) as well as financial information and historical information on policies, plans or investments. We also maintain records on any health conditions disclosed or provided to us in other forms in the process of securing group or individual insurance, while assisting on an insurance policy question, or by an insurance company or health provider’s office. We may collect non-public personal information as well as protected health information about you from many sources, including information we receive about you on applications or other forms, information about your transactions with us, our affiliates or others, and information we receive from non-affiliated third parties, including consumer reporting agencies.
Information About You that We May Disclose
When it comes to sharing customer information with unaffiliated companies, PBG places strict limits on who receives specific information about customer accounts and other personally identifiable financial data and protected health information. PBG may share information with such companies if they provide a product or service that may benefit our clients or that our client has requested. We will only share such information in the course of fulfilling a business obligation. Whenever we do this we carefully review the company and the product or service to make sure that it provides value to our customers. We share the appropriate information necessary for that company to offer its product or service. We may also share information with unaffiliated companies that assist us in providing our products or service to our customers, in the normal course of business when legally required or permitted in connection with fraud investigations and litigation, in connection with acquisitions and sales, and at the request or permission of a customer. We may also share your information with third parties with whom we contract to perform functions on our behalf.
Protection of Shared Information
PBG recognizes that a fundamental element of maintaining effective customer privacy procedures is to provide reasonable protection against unauthorized access to customer information and protected health information. Therefore, we have established appropriate physical, electronic, and procedural security safeguards and standards to guard against any unauthorized access to your information. If we provide personally identifiable information or protected health information to a third party with which we have a business relationship, we will insist that the third party keep such information confidential, consistent with the conduct of our business relationship.
Electronic Mail
PBG uses electronic mail extensively to;

  • Conduct COBRA eligibility, enrollment and payment correspondence with carriers.
  • Resolve employee benefits claim issues and correspond about eligibility, enrollment, and payment with carriers and our client groups.

PBG never sells or otherwise makes available your e-mail address to anyone except as may be necessary to provide our products and services to our customers.

Protecting Your Personal Information
We want to assure all of our clients that whenever personal information is used, it is done with the utmost discretion. Safeguarding our clients’ personal information is a very high priority. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that protect your information. The following policies guide us in protecting our customers’ privacy:

  • At PBG, we believe the confidentiality and protection of customer information is one of our fundamental responsibilities. While information is critical to providing quality service, we recognize that one of our most important assets is our customers’ trust.
  • PBG limits the use, collection and retention of customer information to what we believe is necessary or useful to conduct our business, provide high-quality service, and offer products and services.
  • At PBG, employee access to personally identifiable information and protected health information is limited to those with a business reason to know such information. Employees are educated on the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of customer information. Because of the importance of these issues, all PBG employees are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of customer information. Employees who violate these policies are subject to disciplinary action up to and
    including termination.
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