On September 29, 2022, California’s Governor signed Assembly Bill (AB) 152 which amends the existing SPSL law..

Changes to Supplemental Paid Sick Leave

The previous version of SPSL was passed in February 2022 and required employers with 26 or more employees to provide additional paid leave for certain COVID-19-related reasons. This law was scheduled to expire on September 30, 2022. 

Under existing law, full-time employees receive one bank of up to 40 hours of leave that can be used for a variety of qualifying reasons. A full-time employee can receive an additional bank of 40 hours of leave if they test positive for COVID or are caring for a covered family member who tests positive, and they produce proof of that positive test result. Part-time employees receive pro-rated banks based on formulas specified in the law. Existing law also allows an employer to require submission to a diagnostic test on or after the fifth day an employee reports testing positive for COVID-19. 

AB 152 amends the existing SPSL law to permit additional testing if an employee continues to test positive after taking any test required on or after the fifth day. Under the amended law, an employer can require that the employee submit to a second diagnostic test that is taken no earlier than at least 24 hours after any positive result on a test taken on or after the fifth day.

The amended law also provides that an employer has no obligation to provide additional paid leave if an employee refuses to comply with the employer’s required return to work diagnostic tests. 

AB 152 also extends the availability of SPSL to December 31, 2022. While SPSL will now be available through the end of the year, AB 152 does not provide an additional bank of time to those employees who may have already exhausted their allotted SPSL for the year. 

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