The September 30th EEO-1 filing deadline is approaching. This is an annual filing requirement of both the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and the OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs). The EEOC uses EEO-1 data to support civil rights enforcement and to analyze employment patterns, such as the representation of female and minority workers within companies.  The OFCCP uses the data to determine which companies to select for compliance reviews. Both federal agencies are responsible for enforcing federal anti-discrimination laws and the EEO-1 survey may serve as an indicator of whether either of these agencies should be taking a closer look at the employer’s employment practices. This survey helps in determining how well a company is complying with anti-discrimination laws.

It is important to note that there is a notice of Proposed Changes to the EEO-1 to Collect Pay Data from Certain Employers in 2017. EEOC will hold a public hearing about this proposal at a time and place to be announced.

The current proposal would build on the existing reporting structure to collect from employers the number of workers within 12 specified pay bands. Access to pay data will help EEOC and OFCCP identify and combat pay discrimination.  EEOC proposes to collect pay data by sex, race, and ethnicity and sorted by job category from private employers, including federal contractors, with 100 or more employees through the EEO-1 report. Data collected from the proposed EEO-1 will help EEOC and OFCCP better understand the scope of the pay gap and focus enforcement resources on employers that are more likely to be out of compliance with federal laws.

For more information on who must file, how to file and any other questions related to the filing can be found on the EEO-1 page at the EEOC’s website.
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