HSA Limits:
For 2017, the maximum annual HSA contribution for individuals with self-only coverage will increase from $3,350 to $3,400, but the limit will remain $6,750 for individuals with family coverage. The minimum annual deductible and maximum annual out-of-pocket expense limits for HDHPs will stay the same for both self-only and family coverage.

FSA Limits:
For 2017, the Health Care FSA Limit has been increased from $2,550 to a maximum $2,600 per plan year. The new limit would apply for the first plan year on or after 1/1/17.

Please be advised that new limits do not constitute a change in status event for existing plan participants. New limits are best added to your Plan during an open enrollment period.

PBG clients wanting to change their FSA limits should contact their Client Account Manager.